On the occasion of Documenta 15 

Lumbung Orationes

– DOCUMENTA LIVE >>> Group Prayer Everyday From June 13, 2022 at the Steinhofer Wasserfall in Kassel

Every day from 13 June 2022 at the Bergpark in Kassel, in the heart of Germany, five thousand people perform a great Voodoo prayer. Elements of different religions and a Catholic prayer learned by the artist when he was a child, converge in this collective ritual. The prayer auspicates that something significant will happen to Europe and the world during Documenta 15. Anyone in the world can join in this prayer  (CLICK HERE) and everything  will be documented on a page of this website.

This action will be documented on this site by 5 live streaming cameras. Anyone in the world can join and contribute to the prayer. On this page (support the project) you can receive items at home to join the prayer from around the world.

This is the prayer that the artist learned when he was a child. The prayer has always been effective in the artist’s memory. This prayer was integrated into the collective ritual. Each participant received the text and can use it in the rite:


“Ricordati, o pietosissima Vergine Maria, che non si è mai udito che qualcuno sia ricorso alla tua protezione, abbia implorato il tuo patrocinio e domandato il tuo aiuto, e sia rimasto abbandonato. Sostenuto da questa fiducia, mi rivolgo a te, Madre, Vergine delle vergini. Vengo a te, con le lacrime agli occhi, colpevole di tanti peccati, mi prostro ai tuoi piedi e domando pietà. Non disprezzare la mia supplica, o Madre del verbo, ma benigna ascoltami ed esaudiscimi. Amen.”


“Remember, O most pitiful Virgin Mary, that never has it been heard that anyone has resorted to your protection, implored your patronage and asked for your help, and remained abandoned. Sustained by this confidence, I turn to you, Mother, Virgin of virgins. I come to you, with tears in my eyes, guilty of so many sins, I prostrate myself at your feet and ask for mercy. Despise not my supplication, O Mother of the Word, but benignly hear and grant me. Amen.”


“Erinnere dich, o erbarmungswürdige Jungfrau Maria, dass es noch nie vorgekommen ist, dass jemand deinen Schutz in Anspruch genommen, dich um Hilfe angefleht und verlassen worden ist. Von diesem Vertrauen getragen, wende ich mich an dich, Mutter, Jungfrau der Jungfrauen. Ich komme zu dir, mit Tränen in den Augen, schuldig an so vielen Sünden, ich werfe mich zu deinen Füßen nieder und bitte um Gnade. Verachte mein Flehen nicht, o Mutter des Wortes, sondern erhöre mich gnädig und gewähre mir. Amen.”