…Christo and Jeanne Claude, Basquitat, Warhol, Duchamp, Koons, Modigliani, Cattelan, Pollock, Eliasson, Nauman, Hirst, Parreno, Huyghe, Weiwei, Kusama, Picasso, Bacon, Bourgeois, Gates, Abramovic, Fisher,  Kosuth, Gonzalez Torres, JR, Banksy, Chagall, Gander, Mondk, Sehgal, Klein, Penone, Bacon, Warhol, Beuys, Fontana, Judd, Ryman, Creed, Sierra, Lucas, Manzoni, Burri, Kiefer, Richter, Boetti, Marisa Merz, Mario Merz, Anselmo, De Dominicis, Rego, Pistoletto, Cucchi….

Try some special combinations: 

 Eliasson + Cattelan + Koons 

Christo e Jeanne Claude + Modigliani + Burri

Kosuth + Gander + Penone

Bacon + Cucchi + Nauman

The BLIND WORKS for #OpenTATE are incredible, because it’s as if three great artists can sit at the same table. HoME is the New TATE.

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