If you don’t understand something search for it on YouTube 

Installation view outside and inside the Fondazione Prada, Luca Rossi 2023.

This series of works was created in 2013 and opens up a kind of contemporary Sistine Chapel that can change from hour to hour.

By lefts hand fingertips

3 sculptures made with fingertips, saliva, dust, your screen, Luca Rossi 2023.

These works only live in the instant we see them on our screen, they are not manipulable.

Order a pizza or anything else on Amazon and have it delivered to Milan to Via Largo Isarco 2 at the Fondazione Prada

pizzas, pizza boxes, parcels, purchased items, employee collaboration, Luca Rossi 2023.

Black Mirror

air conditioners, visitor action, video, communication campaign, Luca Rossi 2019.

The black screens in many of the rooms of the Prada Foundation in Milan and Venice seem and become inexorably switched off. The black screen becomes a moment of decompression that can be investigated by recording with a mobile phone what happens inside it. The videos that viewers keep on their mobile phones will be an integral part of the project.

You don’t understand anything anymore

impossible sculptures that only live in the instant you look at them on your screen, Luca Rossi 2023.