Choose 3 artists to meet in the same work

Warhol, Modigliani, Hirst, Cattelan, Bacon, Picasso, Sehgal…choose 3 modern or contemporary artists to meet in the same work.

Luca Rossi has been developing the ‘Blind Works’ project since 2014 and has been able to deeply assimilate the practice of the most important artists.

Reactivate your imagination and the surprise effect: in a digital world that offers us a continuous “preview of reality” our imagination and “surprise effect” are stifled. The work will be as if 3 great artists could sit at the same table.

Customise the artwork on this page and receive it directly to your home with presentation and certificate of authenticity (40 USD shipping cost for artwork and 20 USD shipping cost for art limited edition).


Luca Rossi is maybe the “New Vanessa Beecroft”


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M.Cattelan + J. Kosuth + G. Richter 

mixed media on panel, badge created by Maurizio Cattelan for the exhibition at Hangar Bicocca (2021), string, 60×90 cm, certificato di autenticità, presentazione opera, Luca Rossi 2023.

A wooden board still has the label describing itself as in Joseph Kosuth’s tautological works: measurements, barcode, description. Gherard Richter’s technique is carried out on the board. The whole work is supported by an original bdge by Maurizio Cattelan, who through a wire finds a “strategy” to keep the work attached to the wall. Cattelan represents the trickster and “clueless” artist who only through his cynical and bitter cunning can get away with it.

Price: 4000 USD (+ 40 USD shipping cost) 

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ITALIA (training new eyes) 

A. Modigliani + L. Fabro + G. Anselmo 

drawing on canvas, string, polystyrene, certificate of authenticity, presentation of the work, 60×80 cm, Luca Rossi 2021.

Amedeo Modigliani’s woman ideally becomes Italy, with her head upside down, as in Luciano Fabro’s work. The typical heavy weights in Giovanni Anselmo’s work become two weights in the eyes. Italy, always hovering between success and failure, is further burdened by the two weights: “training new eyes” in the dimension of silence in which the work takes us, seems the only solution in an overload of information, noise and content, of which we are all both makers and victims.

Price: 3000 USD (+40 USD shipping cost)

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