Campanini Contemporary 

LUCA ROSSI SOLO SHOW> Traveling Project II

Berlin > 13.01.2024 > 6 pm

Wartburgstrasse 17


Luca Rossi is the most interesting personality in Italy

Fabio Cavallucci

Art Curator , Former Director of the CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw and the Luigi Pecci Contemporary Art Centre

Since reading Luca Rossi’s blog I no longer deal with the practice but only with the theory of art

Angela Vettese

Art Critic

Luca Rossi is the new “Vanessa Beecroft”

Giacinto Di Pietrantonio

Art Curator , Former Director of the GaMeC Museum in Bergamo

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limited edition photo series, Luca Rossi 2024. 

Since 2009, Luca Rossi has been developing a unique critical work in Italy that has allowed him a healthy form of isolation, a quarantine that has allowed him to develop a unique and unconventional project. What value does art have for our lives? How can the work of art represent our time and resist it? Is there a new role for the artist? Is there a new definition of a museum?

In order to bring these reflections to Germany and to support Luca Rossi’s exhibition at Campanini Contemporary in Berlin, we have created a ‘limited edition’ with a photographic artwork made in only 100 copies signed by Luca Rossi and in 18×24 cm sizes

>>> PRICE 50 EURO (shipping cost inlcuded) > 


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Campanini Contemporary is pleased to announce Luca Rossi’s exhibition.

Luca Rossi will present at Campanini Contemporary three project lines developed since 2009:

1) a special project at the Neue NationalGalerie in Berlin >> Luca Rossi has committed himself to a daily prayer that something significant will happen at the Neue Nationalgalerie from 12 January 2024.

2) Certain objects found around the gallery will become the exclusive gateway to a kind of contemporary ‘Sistine Chapel’ that will grow by the hour. This project, which started in 2013, represents a form of ecology and resistance to our present.

3) The Hidden Works Serie will be presented >>> the artwork is shown hidden inside a parcel on which only the addition of 3 or more modern and contemporary artists can be read. The work inside the parcel represents the coherent meeting of artists and can only be seen by the collector who decides to buy it. The works are not hidden but ‘protected’ from our present: they reactivate imagination, surprise and expectation, three elements that in our present risk being stifled and anaesthetised.

Since 2009 “Luca Rossi”, artist, open collective, blogger, critic, curator, controversial figure in the art system, has been trying to stimulate more critical discussion on a daily basis in the field of contemporary art, as a subject that could play a fundamental role in our present. Luca Rossi has been described by Fabio Cavallucci as the most interesting artistic personality in Italy. 

In 2014, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, interviewed in Artribune, referred to Luca Rossi as the future promise of contemporary art.  Luca Rossi’s critical reflections, which have reached 900,000 people on social media in the last 12 months, conducted for years with unwavering faith, have led him to an unconventional artistic practice, also characterised by popularisation and training projects with the creation in 2016 of the ‘Luca Rossi Art Academy’ ( Despite some “critical nodes” being extremely well known in the art system (identified and disclosed by Luca Rossi as “Evolved Ikea”, “Young Indiana Jones Syndrome” “Grandparents Parents Foundation”, etc.), Luca Rossi still lives a condition of ostracism in a system that struggles to accept some of his “uncomfortable” reflections and alternative strategies, which are increasingly necessary and urgent. 

In 2014, the famous art critic Angela Vettese declared that since reading Luca Rossi’s texts, she has decided to no longer dedicate herself to the practice of art but only to theory.

Selected official and unofficial art projects:

Mart, Rovereto (2009); Whitney Biennial, New York (2010); Biennale di Venezia (2013, 2015, 2019, 2022); Abbazia di Sénanque (2013); Gamec di Bergamo (2014); Boros Collection, Berlino (2015); Serpentine Gallery, Londra (2015); Fondazione Prada, Milano (2016); Hotel Helvetia, Porretta Terme (2016); Quirinale, Roma (2017); SMACH 2017, Val Badia (2017); New Museum, New York, (2017, 2021); Tate Modern, Londra (2017, 2021); National Gallery of Scotland (2018); Centrale Fies/ Manifesta 12, 7800 Project (2018); Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, #OccupySandretto (2018); ICA Milano (2019); Gagosian Gallery Rome (2019); Venezuelan Pavilion (2019); Prada Foundation Venice (2019); My Arbor My Art, MyArbor (2019); Palazzo Strozzi (2021,2022); Hangar Bicocca (2021); Bourse de Commerce (2021); Pompidou Museum (2022); MoMA Museum (2022); Documenta 15 (2022); Lisson Gallery (2022), BienNolo (Milano 2023); Bourse de Commerce (Paris, 2013); Galleria SIX (2023). 

Artworks by Luca Rossi are within these art collections: Luciano and Pietro Lomonaco, Antonio Dalle Nogare, Marcello Forin, Giorgio Fasol, Marco Rosa, Mauro De Iorio, Matteo Montanari e Roberto Capponi. 

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