If You Don’t Understand Something Search For It On YouTube

Puma sneakers modified and customised with the buyer’s date of birth, Luca Rossi Art Limited Edition in 100 pieces.

Puma’ is changed to IMG and the 4 numbers of your date of birth: example: ‘IMG 0904’ for 9 April. If you search for this acronym on YouTube, the shoes become the exclusive access to a kind of contemporary ‘Sistine Chapel’. Videos made all over the world and growing every day.

“We don’t need to express ourselves, we do it too much” Gilles Deleuze

Not yet another content, but a way to order and manage content. A limited edition work that reflects the complexity of our time and opposes the dictatorship of the algorithm.

Each pair of shoes is modified by hand to represent a unique art piece, capable of changing every day and taken to unexpected places.

Buy your sneakers on this page, indicating your date of birth!

PRICE >>> 150 Euro