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THE MUSEUM In your home

– DOCUMENTA LIVE >>>the museum in your home: training new eyes

(a project by Luca Rossi)

Choose on this page 3 modern and contemporary artists to meet in the same work °°° or choose from selected artworks on this page

>>> Customize and Receive the work directly to your home!

Be inspired > each work bears witness to ways, attitudes and visions that we can apply in our everyday lives >>>  Weiwei, Kusama, Modigliani, Bourgeois, Abramovic, Hirst, Koons, Fisher, Bacon, Duchamp, Feliz Gonzalez, JR, Banksy, Nauman, Chagall, Cattelan, Koons, Eliasson, Sehgal, Modigliani, Klein, Penone, Bacon, Warhol, Beuys, Fontana, Judd, Ryman, Creed, Sierra, Lucas, Manzoni, Burri, Kiefer, Richter, Boetti, Marisa Merz, Kosuth. …or three artists of your choice!

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Moma New York Tate Modern London Pompidou Paris Reina Sofia Madrid Guggenheim Bilbao New York Venezia

The real museum today is the ability to train new eyes. The museum is already in your home. We don’t need to express ourselves, we do it too much, we are victims and perpetrators of a pollution of content, works and information. Together with the work you will receive a presentation of the value of the work for your life, as a tool to train new eyes.. 

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Blah blah blah

multicoloured ball of wool, scotch, 30×30 cm, Luca Rossi 2021.

cattelan + eliasson + koons

300 Euro + 30 euro shipping cost (write the shipping address here:

The colourful and attractive surface of the ball of wool is reminiscent of Jeff Koons’ works that are pure enjoyment of the surface without the need for any other meaning. How each of us is driven to become the coloured surface of our mobile phone. But the hanging ball of wool is also an ironic reflection, in the manner of Maurizio Cattelan, on artistic performance and its expectations: “make your own scarf and jumper”…sarcastic symbols for global warming that often becomes just “blah blah blah”. The colours of the rainbow again recall Olafur Eliasson‘s interest in nature and its problems, the wool yarn is like a rainbow that can be expanded in the surrounding space.  



mixed media on canvas, 50×70 cm, Luca Rossi 2021. 

unique work

modigliani + anselmo + fabro

1900 euro + 50 euro shipping cost

Luciano Fabro, a great exponent of arte povera, created an upside-down representation of Italy in 1968 to emphasise a country undergoing great social and political change. In this case, Modigliani‘s subject is turned upside down and two weights are hung in the eyes like the weights that Giovanni Anselmo often uses in his works. The work is a reminder of the need to train new eyes, that is, to reconsider one’s values and needs.  



painted work with corners, foam rubber, 45×80 cm, Luca Rossi 2020. 

unique work

modigliani + anselmo + fabro

1600 euro + 50 euro shipping cost 

Notes and references:

“What does an artist do when he’s alone in his studio? My conclusion was that [if] I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art. At this point art became more of an activity and less of a product.” Bruce Nauman (about the video “Bouncing in the corner”)

Robert Morris was one of the central figures of Minimalism. Through both his own sculptures of the 1960s and theoretical writings, Morris set forth a vision of art pared down to simple geometric shapes stripped of metaphorical associations, and focused on the artwork’s interaction with the viewer. However, in contrast to fellow Minimalists Donald Judd and Carl Andre, Morris had a strikingly diverse range that extended well beyond the Minimalist ethos and was at the forefront of other contemporary American art movements as well, most notably, Process art and Land art. Through both his artwork and his critical writings, Morris explored new notions of chance, temporality, and ephemerality.

Emilio Vedova’s style and approach is highly energetic large scale expressive painting which bridges the divide between: painting, sculpture, performance and architecture. The works not only fill spaces but redefine them. The paintings could be shown in the traditional white cube or the studio space, or in a less refined space and still maintain their aura as artworks.