The effects and possible consequences of group prayer will be documented on this page.

During the opening period of Documenta 15 we will be looking for a trace, an effect, a series of coincidences that can be traced back to the group prayer that will be carried out in Kassel and around the world starting on June 13, 2022. Luca Rossi will take part in the prayer every day for the whole duration of Documenta 15.

In particular, Luca Rossi will recite a prayer he learned as a child, which he will recite while holding the artwork “ROSARY” created for the occasion. In the prayer, as it is done at the waterfall in Kassel, dried sage and hypericum oil will also be used.



1) FIRST POSSIBLE EFFECT of collective prayer:

Indonesian President (the Ruangrupa collective that curates Documenta 15 is from Indonesia) Joko Widodo invited Zelensky and Putin to the G20 to find a peace agreement and ceasefire. The word ‘Widodo’ without ‘ID’ (without identity, ‘Luca Rossi’ has no identity being an open collective) sounds like the word ‘Voodoo’.